8 Compelling Reasons Why Websites for Rehab Doctors are Necessary

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It’s 2021, surely you know that for any business or professional practice to thrive, it must have a powerful online or local SEO presence. And at the center of any winning online presence is a well-designed, well-optimized, fully functional website. But why is there a need for websites for doctors

After all, patients have to go to the hospital if they want to receive medical treatment. Even before the dawn of the digital age, they were able to have patients. And so what’s the point of being online when a patient will come find a doctor at the clinic or hospital anyway? Why exactly do they need dedicated medical sites? 

These are the things this blog addresses. Let’s get to it.

Are Medical Websites for Doctors Necessary?

Yes, without a doubt! Websites for doctors are necessary because patients today use the internet to research and look for rehab facilities and rehab doctors on the web. Almost every patient goes to Google or on a search engine to look for medical professionals. They expect you to be there, too.

websites for doctors

It’s safe to assume that there will always be a steady stream of patients walking into rehab clinics and healthcare facilities. Indeed, there will always be people looking for physicians to help them in their recovery; determined patients will come to find you no matter what. And also, referrals from other professionals will ensure that a rehab doctor never runs out of patients.

However, times are changing. Some rehab doctors are tech-savvy and are open to the notion and importance of a medical website with good SEO. And when they become your competition in your area, a website can be just the thing that can make or break your steady stream of patients.

8 Reasons Why You Should Have a Website

Here are some reasons that can convince you of the significance of websites for doctors:

1. Patients research on the internet first

Data research says 60% of patients research on the web before making a doctor’s appointment. Aside from reading a medical blog about their symptoms and possible treatments, they’re also searching for physicians in their area that they can go to. And if you or your rehab facility can’t be found on the net, then you’re already missing out on a lot of users searching for your particular specialty and clinical services.

2. Referring doctors may also look you up first

Some of your patients may have found you through the referral of another doctor. They may have heard about you from their colleagues. However, times are changing. Busy doctors won’t have time to check your CV or consult another colleague when they can easily “Google” you online. Thanks to websites for doctors, they can search for you in the convenience of their office or even on their mobile phones when they’re out.

medical websites in Portland

3. Accurate medical information

Your website can be a source of accurate medical information and healthcare resources. Since most patients today research articles online about symptoms, disease, treatment, etc., you’ll have a target audience for your site’s content. You can also guide misinformed patients and disprove misinformation that’s circulating on the web. As you build your credibility through your site’s accurate information, a patient can potentially contact you about the service you’re offering.

4. Your list of services

Patients expect to find everything they need online. And when websites for doctors include a list of their services, it makes it easier for users in deciding on whether you are the right physician for them. It would also be beneficial for patients if they can see an explanation of each of your services to help them in their decision process. Along with that, providing them comprehensive details about the diseases you treat allows the users to see the extent of your patient care. Make sure to publish blog posts related to your support services as well so that more patients can access your site.

healthcare website for rehab centers

5. Establish your credibility

You sharing accurate medical information on your site can help a lot in establishing your credibility. However, that’s not the only way you can use your website to gain your target patients’ trust. Use your website to share something about yourself such as your professional medical background, clinical services, etc. That way, you’ll appear less intimidating to your future patients and encourage them to make an appointment with you. Also, you can post your educational background, credentials, work experience, recognitions, and awards to make your patients feel at ease that they’re in the hands of a healthcare professional.

medical website in Portland

It also helps to establish your credibility if you create a site with a professional-looking website design. As they go from one page of your site to another, see to it that the user experience is as seamless as possible. Pretty often, sites that don’t have a good website design turn off users. Researching articles about website design may provide you with the tools and best practices of setting up a quality medical website. Another option you can take is to hire marketing professionals who can build your site, provide good SEO site health, and even write healthcare blog posts for you. Choose the option that works best for you.

6. Online medical consultations

At the onset of the pandemic, we have seen a shift in online telehealthcare. Now, patients and physicians are more open to the idea of making a diagnosis, consultation, and checkup online. Whereas before, the norm was for patients to physically go to their doctors. Online medical consultations can be motivators for patients to see you since it’s conveniently online and doesn’t require much effort and commitment. Especially now that we are in the midst of a pandemic, some patients may be reluctant to go out of their homes and would prefer an online medical checkup due to COVID.

medical website with online consultation

7. Improved patient experience

Sick patients can be impatient. Understandably so since they’re not feeling well. And one way to aggravate them more is to make them fill up numerous forms when they arrive at your facility and then make them wait afterward. The shift in online telehealthcare made plenty of things possible. And that includes making patient forms available for download on your website. So that way, patients can fill them up beforehand and cut their waiting time. Thus, improving a part of their patient experience in the process.

8. Great help for your staff

Another factor that contributes to the importance of a website is that it aids your staff in answering common patient questions. Your website can be the ultimate answer sheet for your patients’ queries. The usual questions like your business days and hours, insurance providers that you honor, contact information, map, etc., can be put on a web page. That way, your staff can focus on other administrative tasks and in assisting your patients on-site.

seo website for treatment centers in Portland


Rehab doctors belong to a niche that potential users will likely search for specifically on the web before committing to a treatment program. And when these prospective patients search for your particular service but can’t access you online, then you’re missing out on a lot of revenue. That’s why the importance of a website for a doctor today cannot be stressed enough. It serves as a guidepost for patients so they’ll find you easily.

Get a converting website for your treatment center with RxMedia’s website design services today. We are your trusted marketing partner when it comes to establishing your online presence and healthcare credibility in the rehab and addiction treatment industry. Fill out our contact form or call us at 503-852-5113 to get a free marketing diagnosis from the expert and digital doctors at RxMedia.

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