What is Web Design Marketing and Why Small Businesses Need It

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The promotion of a business, company, or brand takes a lot of effort and strategy before successfully bringing in the right clients. The website is usually the first place where people have the chance to interact with any business; that’s why your website must be designed just right to give your potential customers the information they need.

People would want to know information about your services, products, how to reserve, how to make purchases online, or how to contact you personally. Communicating what your company or brand is all about on a professional and user-friendly website can be a big factor in your business’s success. 

With thousands of users active on online platforms every day, there are many opportunities to bring your product to people who need it through an accessible website.

It’s important to learn what makes a website effective and will bring customers back, again and again, to look at your products and services.


What is Web Design Marketing?

The purpose of a website is to make people aware of your business and what it can offer them. Web design marketing utilizes website designs in a good marketing strategy to efficiently promote your business or brand. 

A website that is designed well will not only easily deliver information about your products and/or services but will also show professionalism, create a good first impression to potential customers, build trust with site visitors, and help your search engine optimization (SEO) tactics.  

Search engine optimization is important to make your brand visible on many search engines so that you’ll be more accessible to potential clients. It’s proven that over 93% of online activity starts with search engines like Google or Bing. This plays a vital role when marketing your products or services.

However, even though web design is a very important component of promotion and marketing, it is only one of many factors contributing to an efficient digital marketing strategy.

Web design marketing will be more effective if it considers and builds on the following elements:

  •     Target audience
  •     Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  •     Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  •     User Experience (UX)
  •     Business Branding
  •     Aesthetics
  •     Good Structure and Navigation
  •     Website speed
  •     Response rate
  •     Metadata 
  •     Site Content


Web design must not only be visually appealing but also easy to understand and responds well to a user’s inquiries and movements for a marketing strategy to work. A web design plan must take into consideration the whole user experience from beginning to end. 


How Web Design Impacts Content Marketing

Content marketing is a method of posting content that isn’t a direct advertisement of the company or brand but leads customers to pay attention to things connected to it by publishing related and relevant information. Content marketing is one of the strategies for search engine optimization. This can boost the search-ability of your site when users type in keywords related to your brand.

Web design impacts content marketing as it influences how users access and consume the information on a site. Creating an effective web design involves taking into consideration many elements like layout, graphics, content, fonts, and more. 


But most of all, an effective web design should prioritize the following:

  •     User Accessibility– this consists of options and a straightforward navigation flow that is easy to understand and accessed by site visitors.
  •     Visuals and Aesthetic– the appearance of a website gives users more trust in your business or brand. A professional website with good design will give your potential clients more assurance that they can trust your content.
  •     Content Readability– the text fonts chosen for the site must be consistent and readable. It’s important to have a good visual hierarchy that will give your users ease to read through.
  •     Informative Graphics– people are visual learners and need good visuals like images, animation, videos, or GIFs to understand your website’s topics. Visual content will also help users be more engaged and better comprehend the service or product you are offering.

There are many more ways to create an effective web design to cater to efficient content marketing, but the main motive must be to design with users and readers in mind. The happier customers are to find what they’re looking for in their website, and the easier they navigate your content, the more successful you’ll be in marketing. 



How is Graphic Design Related to Digital Marketing?

Graphic design is an essential element of digital marketing. It is the art of communication through visuals composed of symbols, typography, colors, fonts, illustrations, and images. These elements can make up the overall look or appearance of a website.

 Graphic design is proven to effectively engage with customers visually when they visit any site. Graphics for a website with a digital marketing strategy follow specific principles, trends, concepts that will intentionally hold the audience’s attention.

 Research by Microsoft has proven that a person’s attention span has been reduced to 8 seconds. Other studies have also confirmed that the human brain processes images faster than it does text, and 90% of the information a brain absorbs is visual. This means that to have a compelling graphic design tactic, you must keep your customers on your website and even interact with your content using the right amount of graphics.

Usually, a landing page must contain catchy illustrations, eye-catching visuals, with a combination of call-to-action buttons or options. The main intention of including graphics in a website is to improve user experience and active engagement. 


Other reasons why graphic design is important for digital marketing are the following:

  •     Brand Communication– graphic design is vital when showing brand identity. Businesses also want to evoke emotions using captivating graphics and visuals so that customers will empathize more with a product or service.
  •     Boost of sales– through professional designs, people will be more assured that a company or brand will deliver high-quality products or services. Sales are immediately improved when the design is seen to be compatible with mobile phones.
  •     Breaks language barriers– graphic designs of a business give long-lasting impressions. Visuals are universal and can break language barriers while still putting a powerful message to your site’s visitors.
  •     Brings Brand Credibility– this is very important in a marketing setting; to have a trusted and unique brand. When making a design strategy, using colors, icons, fonts can make a difference and differentiate your company from the rest.


In the end, graphic design for marketing strategy must not be overlooked as it helps people remember your brand identity, engage customers within your website, and build trust between your audience and the products or services offered. 

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency to assist you in website design and web marketing? Let RxMedia help you! From local and national SEO to pay-per-click advertising, from website design and development to content marketing, we can do it all.

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