What Can You Expect From GA4 In 2023?

ga4 2023

What if you can identify and understand your audience and potential customers before starting a marketing campaign or launching a brand new business? This is what analytics for marketing and business is all about. By applying tools and applications to data, your business can understand what drives consumer actions, create predictive models based on data, and apply optimization techniques for better growth.

One of the front runners in business analytics is Google Analytics, a tool launched by the tech giant Google back in 2005. For today’s article, we’ll talk about GA4 in 2023, the new iteration of Google Analytics available this year. 

What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free service offered by google for your website analytics. It provides basic tools and statistics for marketing and optimization. It analyzes your website traffic, offering insights on your website visitors like which pages they enter, stay, and exit, which products they purchase, etc. 

You can also discover or predict trends and patterns in your audience through Google Analytics. The same goes for potential customers that you wish to capture. The insights available to you via Google Analytics can help you craft the best campaign plan for your website and other platforms.

Last March, though, Google announced that Google Analytics 4 or GA4 would replace all the previous forms of Google Analytics known as Universal Analytics. The next sections will explain why you need to know about the Google changes to GA4 and the trends we will look for in 2023.

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What Is GA4?

GA4 is an analytics service that equips online brands to gather insights and measure engagement and traffic across websites and applications. It is Google’s answer to Universal Analytics becoming obsolete

“Universal Analytics was built for a generation of online measurement that was anchored in the desktop web, independent sessions, and more easily observable data from cookies. This measurement methodology is quickly becoming obsolete.”

This means GA4 can operate across platforms without relying exclusively on cookies. It also boasts of using event-based data models to deliver audience-focused measurement. Furthermore, GA4 offers better privacy options to provide a better experience for your business and customers.

GA4 2023 promises to help businesses meet evolving needs and user expectations with more thorough and isolated data use and collection controls. 

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What Are The GA4 Trends That I Can Expect In 2023?

  1. Fine-Tuned Measurements

Google highlights GA4’s ability to operate across multiple platforms using event-based data models instead of relying on cookies.  This means GA4 offers a more fine-tuned user-based measurement through comprehensive controls for collecting insights and data. It also uses machine learning (ML), thus improving attribution and user behavior prediction.

  1. Better Understanding Customers’ Touchpoints

As mentioned, GA4 has better controls, which means it can better understand customer touchpoints and lifecycle. It features an event-based model that is not fragmented by independent sessions or platforms. This means a business can monitor an event that happens across platforms like a purchase, with GA4 being about to measure across its websites, apps, etc., how users moved through the purchase funnel. 

  1. Data-driven Attribution

Another effect of GA4’s better and more comprehensive controls is its data-driven attribution. It assigns attribution credit to more than just the last click using your Universal Analytics data. This results in a better understanding of how certain campaigns, marketing, and promotional activities collectively influence user conversions.

  1. Privacy Control

What is GA4 in the face of ever-changing privacy policies globally? With the recent policy changes worldwide on data collection and online privacy, cookie-based analytics will become obsolete. Google’s GA4 offers country-level privacy controls to easily manage or minimize the collection of data from users while maintaining functional measurement across platforms. Another thing to note is that GA4 will no longer store IP addresses. All these features answer the growing users’ demand for privacy protection and control over their information.

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  1. Sophisticated Predictions

As mentioned, GA4 offers machine learning which can generate sophisticated models that predict the ever-changing user behavior. It can also generate insights on potential new audiences or users to engage or purchase your business likely. Additionally, it can automatically surface critical analytics highlights to improve and boost your marketing.  

  1. Cross-application Integration

Google has expanded GA4’s integrations with other Google products like Google Ads and other Google Marketing Platform tools, which work across combined cross-platform data. Export analysis across applications makes it easier to use analytics insights to optimize your activities and campaigns.

  1. Collaboration Across Parties

The GA4 2023 can now be better integrated with Analytics 360. The new properties ensure that various partners or teams can access the data they need according to your rules or policies. The new Analytics 360 also provides higher limits to its measurements like custom dimensions, audiences, and conversion types.

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Prepare For GA4 2023

In summary, GA4 is a new set of reports and data for your website or app that:

  • collects data across websites AND applications to better understand your customers’ journey
  • uses events-based data instead of session-based data
  • incorporates privacy controls such as cookieless measurement and behavioral and conversion modeling
  • provides sophisticated predictive capabilities that offer guidance without hard-to-understand models
  • allows direct integrations to media platforms to help drive actions on your app or website

This coming July 2023, the standard universal analytics properties will no longer process data. You will still be able to access your universal analytics reports for a period after July 1, 2023. Still, new data will stream exclusively into Google Analytics 4 properties after the said date. Thus, existing Google Analytics for Firebase customers are advised to upgrade to a Google Analytics 4 property.

Experts To Get Started On GA4

Analytics for marketing, along with new emerging tools, has changed the game for small and big businesses in the digital space. It has revolutionized how we see our relationship with our audience and has boosted how we create our campaigns. If you are still a little unsure about ga4 vs universal google analytics, our team at RxMedia is well-versed with this, along with other tools like SEO, SEM, and Google SEO tools. Talk to our experts at RxMedia today by calling 503-974-3081and partner with us in building and transforming your online platform into a profitable, exciting, and highly engaging brand. You can also send us an email at sales@rxmedia.io.