Why is SEO important during this COVID-19 pandemic?

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This COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by surprise, and this surprise has forced a sudden change in behavior of businesses and the market.

A lot of businesses have tried to cut down on costs, especially on advertising.  Many businesses are contemplating the following:

Is it a good idea to give up on SEO in this time of pandemic to save money? 

Should I postpone my plans on committing to an SEO budget and wait until these tough times are over?

It is valid for these questions to pop up your mind, but what if I tell you that this is actually one of the most crucial times for you to invest in your business’ SEO. Here are 4 reasons why SEO is important during this COVID-19 pandemic:

Reason #1: Covid-19 pandemic will end, eventually

Yes, I know it feels like forever since the world was “normal” and it feels like the end of this pandemic is not yet near but one thing is for sure, it will end. 

And the thing about this pandemic is that it has given businesses a unique opportunity. The playing field is more even than ever. As government protocols, slowing down of supply chains and decrease in demands affected a lot of industries, a lot of businesses lost their momentum. 

If you have been wanting to take the top spot in your industry or your area and get ahead of your competitors, this is the perfect time to do it. 

Reason #2: Organic Search is on an all-time high and is going to be more important

This pandemic has changed human behavior one way or another. With the increase of people working from home, people who used to listen to the radio going to their office will now use Google search to read the latest news. Now that a lot of businesses have closed down or changed their operation hours, people will have to search online to look for alternatives.

Before COVID-19, search engines were used in 89%+ of all purchase decisions and 3 trillion searches per year. And now in this time of uncertainties, search has gone even higher for people to come up with more convenient and safer purchasing decisions.

According to a BrightEdge Channel Share Survey, 53% of all traffic to websites comes from organic search. Looking at search as a whole, 83% of search traffic is organic and 17% comes from paid search. People also tend to click organic results more than paid advertisements because users tend to believe in Google’s ranking system with the notion that Google chooses the best websites for their top results for your specific search. Try to recall the last time you went to the second page results. Does not happen often, right? Focusing on ranking higher in search engine results will build more trust with consumers and your potential customers.

Reason #3: SEO is a long-term investment, and it will pay-off

Much like how a good business cannot be built overnight, a good SEO is not a one-time big time process. It will take a slow, consistent effort for your business to eventually rank at the top. And now that a lot of businesses have pulled out their SEO strategy and lost their momentum, it will be much easier for your business to win your industry’s SEO race. Your competitors may think that their positions will pick back up right where they left off but little did they know that the way to keep their lead is to keep on running amidst adversity.

SEO will take 3-6 months until results are seen. So again, why is investing in SEO right now a good decision? We go back to reason #1, this pandemic will eventually come to an end and when that time comes, we don’t want you to regret that you passed up on an opportunity to grab a big market share for your business.

Reason #4: Local search is crucial

With the travel restrictions and campaigns for people to support local products and services, local search optimization is crucial. Local SEO strategies will help you be in the first page results of “open now” and “near me” searches. It will also help you relay your messages to the public such as new operation hours, or reopening dates if it may apply and even your new protocols to adapt with the new normal. If consumers find you and you are able to communicate to them that you will be able to provide them with a safe purchase decision in this time of pandemic (even in the post-pandemic people will still be conscious for their safety), they will choose you over your competitors.

The Best Time Is Now

Search insights now will last a long time. Those people that will click on your website may not purchase immediately but they will certainly be potential clients in the future. Your search insights will protect your brand equity, current and future demands, consumer relationship and online reputation.

I have said quite a few times that competitors lost their momentum because of COVID-19 and I will say it again. Your competitors lose their momentum and smart leaders will take advantage of this and will make strategic investments. 

Others are looking on the now, on the short-term. Think differently. Think long-term and how investing in today will lead to big rewards in the future. 

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