9 Ways To Verify Google My Business Listing

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Your business needs to be online. That’s just real talk for all companies nowadays. But it’s not just about having a website or some social media account. If you want to own your online presence, you have to start a little closer to home. That’s where verifying your Google My Business listing (GMB) comes in. 

Optimizing your GMB listing puts your business on the map—literally ( through Google Maps) and figuratively (through optimized local search listings). So if you’re ready to boost your online presence, expand your marketing, and drive more quality traffic,  here are nine ways to get your Google My Business (GMB) Listing up and running:

Bulk Verification

If your business has several branches across the country, it would be hard to manually verify each branch. Thankfully, GMB has made things easier for you. After signing up with GMB, you need to click “Get Verified.” And since you have several branches, you have to choose “Chain.”

Google will require you to fill in specific’’ information on the verification form. Submit your form and wait one week for Google’s response. However, this verification method is available only if you have ten or more branches. Check out this link to know more about bulk verification.


A faster way to get verified is by email. After filling in business information, you can choose email verification through the email address you provided. By far, this is the most convenient way because you don’t need to wait for a postcard. When you verify, Google will ask for a verification code. Just check your email because GMB will send the code there.

Instant Verification

If email verification is faster, instant verification is the fastest. However, this verification method is available only if Google has already verified your business in the Google Search Console. If that’s not the case, this verification step is not for you.

Still, don’t lose hope. You can apply in the Google Search Console before GMB. Make sure you use the same email so that you’ll be qualified for instant verification once you’re verified with the Search Console.

Local Guides

One way to verify your profile is through local guides. These people are explorers who visit actual stores, write reviews, and verify locations. Verification via local guide means that a person qualified by Google will visit your physical store and ask questions. 

However, this type of verification may not be ideal during this time of COVID-19.

My Business Providers

Unlike local guides, My Business Provider is an exclusive verification platform for Google. Before being My Business, this platform was known as a “Trusted Verifier.” Being part of this service is exclusive because it is only on an invitation basis.

In 2020, Google shifted to My Business Providers because it included large businesses to verify other companies they’ve transacted at some time. This verification step is eligible only for business with a physical store.


Phone verification is available, but it’s not directly an option for GMB applicants. Businesses that can qualify for this step may consider themselves lucky because it’s easier and faster. Should Google deem you qualified for phone verification, a real Google representative will call you to relay the verification code.

Write down the code and put it in the verification window. However, be suspicious about calls claiming to be from Google. There have been many people victimized by scammers pretending to be a Google representative.


The postcard verification is the most famous and most preferred verification method for Google. Why? First, Google can directly give the verification code to you. There’s an assurance that you’ve received it. And second, Google can verify your physical store. However, keep in mind that postcard verification can take about a week or so. And while there’s an ongoing pandemic, delivery might take a little longer.

Product Experts

Product experts are private individuals recognized by Google to guide other users to understand and use Google products. Gold and Platinum Product Experts can also verify businesses applying in GMB.

Video Chats

To verify using video chat, you need to get the Google Hangouts app. Then, a Google representative will call you to ask questions. They might also ask you to show them your products on display, the physical storefront, and your employees. For service businesses, you can show them your tools, license, and other relevant items.

Do I Need To Verify My Business With Google?

If you want to get more traffic, verifying your business in GMB can put your name in the search engine. Coupling it with paid advertising and SEO, verifying your business can do wonders.

How Do I Verify My Business Listing on Google?

First, you need to have a GMB account. Go to google.com/business and click sign up. Fill up the required information and click Verify Now.

How Do I Verify My Business on Google Without a Postcard?

There are many ways to verify a business other than the postcard verification method. However, not all of them are available to all applicants. For example, instant verification is available only to companies verified by Google Search Console. Instead, you can choose options like video chat, email, or phone.

How Long Does It Take for Google To Verify Your Business?

It will take several days to a week for postcards, depending on the circumstances in your area. You still have to consider the ongoing pandemic. For phones and instant verification, it can take only minutes. If you prefer video chat, you’ll have to wait for the scheduled call.

How Do I Claim My Business Listing on Google?

Go to Google Maps and search your business name. Make sure that you choose the correct one. If it has a different spelling, don’t select it. However, if it’s right, click it and click Claim This Business. On-screen verification steps will appear, and follow them accordingly.

What are the verification options for businesses with ten or more locations?

You’ll have to go for the bulk verification method in this instance. Google allows you to register once for several locations to avoid the hassle of registering each site manually. However, take note that you’re not qualified if you have fewer than 10 locations.

Need help verifying your GMB listing? 

RxMedial can help! With over a decade of digital marketing experience behind us, we have continually positioned our clients for success and driven tangible results through optimized GMB listings and local SEO. Call us now at 503-974-3297 for a FREE consultation with our experts. 

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