5 Tools For Your Local Keyword Tracking That You Should Know About

local keyword tracking

Search engine optimization is a set of content and technical practices that aims to enhance the rank of web pages in search engines.

Non-paid, organic search is one of the best ways for people to find and access online content. It would help to have a good SEO strategy in place. It includes using local keyword tracking to improve the traffic of your website.

Keywords play an essential role in SEO. These are words or phrases that people usually type in search engines. Website owners like to target these keywords as they help maintain the site’s relevance and enable searchers to find their web pages easily among the countless results.

How keywords are sorted in Google will determine which words and phrases users frequently search. Digital marketers would collect these search terms and incorporate them into landing pages or blogs to bring visitors to the site.

Several local keyword tracking programs can track search queries for a specific geographic location. 

importance of local keywords
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How to Choose the Best Tools For Local Keyword Tracking

Every business is built differently and has varying requirements. Organizations with multiple locations may need a more powerful tool than what a small business uses.

Fortunately, there are many keyword tracking tools to choose from. When selecting a program, it is ideal to look at the features first and decide which will help you the most.

Here are some of the things you would want to look for in a ranking tool:

  • Keyword rank tracking – keeps track of your position based on the keywords you add
  • Visibility scoring – reflects the number of searches your location appears in the results
  • Competitor tracking – allows you to include competitor locations or websites to compare your rankings
  • Device support – lets you see the desktop and mobile results
  • Search engine support – enables you to select which search engines to track
  • Multiple locations – tracks keywords by address, postal code, regions, etc
  • Check frequency – allows you to choose how often you will receive ranking reports
  • SERP features – covers all types of search results, whether organic, local, knowledge graph, featured snippets, and more
  • Rank History – shows your positioning over time to get a complete picture of your progress
  • Reports and alerts – create automated reports that run and notify you when your rankings fall

Best Tools For Your Local Keyword Tracking

Are you wondering whether your SEO strategy is working? We’ve compiled some of the best tracking tools to help check your keyword ranking.

1. Semrush

Source: Semrush.com

Semrush is a digital marketing platform that supports enterprises. It offers all the necessary tools for running complicated SEO campaigns, making it the definitive choice for large teams.

With its unparalleled expertise in SEO, you can track your campaign’s progress in a single location. Its position tracking feature lets you monitor any keyword or domain in various search engines, including Google and Baidu.

It also monitors search engines’ SERP volatility and informs you about any significant updates to the ranking algorithm. Moreover, it gives valuable insights into your competitors and determines which domains have the highest paid and organic traffic. You can use this as a pattern on how to improve your optimization techniques.

Aside from its rank-tracking capability, it also does keyword research, on-page SEO auditing, competitor analysis, local SEO, social media management, link building, content creation, PPC, etc.

2. SE Ranking

Source: SEranking.com

We cannot stress enough the importance of local keywords, primarily if you rely on local customers. Optimizing your content with keywords can drive more traffic to your online store and brick-and-mortar business. What’s more, you can compete with larger enterprises!

SE Ranking is a powerful yet affordable rank tracker tool. It allows you to monitor your position across all major search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing, and even video-sharing platforms like Youtube. It also gives you data on your current ranking on desktop and mobile results.

If you have a digital marketing agency, you can give your customers access to a customized version of the rank tracker via your domain. Additionally, you can stay organized by setting up sub-accounts for clients and team members.

Aside from the rank tracker, SE Ranking includes a website auditing tool, a keyword research tool, a backlink checker, an on-page SEO checker, and more.

3. BrightLocal

Source: brightlocal.com

BrightLocal lets you focus on the most crucial part of your business: your local relationships. Its suite consolidates SEO audits, reputation management, source agency leads, and tracking keywords for local businesses in a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

With BrightLocal, you can better take care of your SEO and do what it takes to improve your search engine ranking. Its tracking tool allows you to create keyword groups, monitor competitors, get reports, and perform other vital SEO tasks.

BrightLocal is used by agencies, SMBs, and multi-location companies worldwide to streamline local marketing initiatives and improve exposure in local SERPs.

4. Ahrefs

Source: Ahrefs.com

Ahrefs is an SEO software that has a broad set of features. It has tools great for link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking, and site audits.

Ahrefs shines when it comes to keyword research. The level of keyword depth you can explore using this program is impressive. You can research numerous terms, and Ahrefs will create multiple reports for each.

The rank tracking tool from Ahrefs is similar to others: it lets you add various keywords and check where they rank in Google. It also permits you to monitor ranking changes over a certain period.

5. SEOMonitor

SEOmonitor is a local keyword tracking tool that boasts different functions, such as keyword research, rank tracking, and organic traffic estimates.

They have additional features that suit freelancers or digital marketing agencies that support many clients. One of these is SEO forecasting, which lets you predict potential traffic from initial models and audits. 

They provide excellent visuals, powerful reporting options, and shareable reports. Additionally, they have client management features like follow-ups and a CRM.

Why Target Local Keywords?

tracking keywords for local businesses
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Businesses wanting to increase their visibility in the local search engine results must do well in targeting local keywords. These search terms or keywords make it easy for the right people to find your company and eventually convert them into paying customers.

Utilizing the best tools for local keyword tracking can help you gauge your site’s ranking on search engines, the effectiveness of your SEO strategy, the relevant keywords to add to your site, and more. Semrush, SE Ranking, BrightLocal, Ahrefs, and SEOMonitor are some tools that can level up your SEO game.

Well-structured local keyword research is the first step to reaching your goal of improving your local rank. If you’re unsure how to do it, RxMedia can take this problem off your plate. We offer local SEO services to help you attract local customers and boost your revenue. Set your appointment with us today!