5 Reasons Why It’s Worth it to Invest in SEO this 2020

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What is SEO?

Let’s say you have a startup salon, you want to promote your business online so you spend your time and effort crafting the best website design and content. But ever since your website launched, you’re confused to find out that 100% of your website views have only come from you! So now you wonder, how do you get more website visits from possible customers? You may have great website design and content but without the strategies to boost your SEO ranking, success may only be far-fetched. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of optimizing your website with not just quantity traffic but more importantly, quality traffic so that more relevant customers will be able to find you and visit your business. Believe it or not, there are effective and strategic ways to boost your website’s ranking in the Google search results page. With millions of pages to compete with, it seems almost impossible for a customer to find you. But with SEO, it is possible to have your website land on the first page search results.

Is SEO even worth it?

“Should I really invest in SEO?” “Does SEO really work?”

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Almost all business ventures have started maximizing their digital reach in light of the pandemic situation. Now is the most crucial time to invest in SEO! We get that It’s hard to wrap your mind around a process that seems too technical to understand. So for you to get a better grasp on how SEO works, let’s first go through the 5 reasons why SEO is worth your investment.

Get New Visitors: Increase Website Traffic

SEO is beneficial to your business because the most percentage of website visitors come from organic traffic according to a study by Bright Edge. Basically, it only means that the top source of website visitors are those who ‘googled’ you for local finds. In fact, 53% of such visitors are from organic search channels, 14% from paid search, and 5% from social channels. Thus, it only makes sense that you should highly invest in SEO. There are techniques that help boost your ranking in the search engine result pages (SERPs) and eventually earn you more relevant traffic. Tactics such as keyword research, link building, local listing submissions, and analytics among others, will definitely increase your quality traffic and eventually lead to sales or conversions.

Build Credibility: Boost Brand Visibility

If one of your business goals is to boost your brand visibility, competing with huge brands for paid advertising spots will cost you a lot of money. But there’s another way to boost your brand’s presence online that’s even more cost-effective (more on this later). This is possible by optimizing your website content to target your desired audience, which is part of the SEO strategy. Posting high quality content regularly while maintaining high quality standards of a content / blog post, will allow your brand to build its credibility. As your website keeps this up, your business eventually gains referrals from other brands and more websites will link to you. Search engines will then be able to detect the quality and relevance of your content so you can rank higher in the SERPs.

Higher Engagements: Get Potential Leads

Getting potential leads to convert to sales is not an easy task. But this is highly possible with an effective SEO strategy which involves improving your website user experience, adding effective CTA buttons, and lots of other SEO techniques to gain higher audience engagements. According to Forrester research, optimizing your website’s UX design has been proven to increase a conversion rate by 200%! A good SEO strategy involves knowing your target market and understanding their natural online activities. This will definitely give you potential leads as you engage with them online whether on social media, on your website, and on other platforms. SEO will help you find the right customer and lead them to the right conversion path!

Know Your Progress: Importance of Analytics

With an SEO strategy in place, it’s important to track the progress and milestones of your efforts. Luckily, there are tons of available analytics tools (free and paid programs) so you can see where you’re succeeding and where you need more work on. SEO tools also help you determine whether you’re hitting your Return-on-Investment (ROI) targets or not. Having your SEO ROI data can direct your next steps in your strategies. But you have to be clear with your business goals to avoid overwhelming yourself with too many concerns to address all at the same time. If analyzing the data is too technical for you or if you don’t exactly know what actions to take based on the data, you always have the option to find an SEO agency that can effectively deal with your concerns.

Worthy Investment: Cost-Effective

So are you still having doubts about SEO? Here’s one more reason to invest in SEO: it is cost-effective. An excellently formulated SEO strategy will basically get you what you paid for and even more! SEO has proven itself to have increased conversion rates of +100%! But be careful as you may formulate an SEO strategy but if it doesn’t address your business goals, it fails to be a good investment. Reach out to SEO experts who can help you reach your target goals. Partner with digital gurus who will seek to be transparent and give you reasonable terms and conditions so you know you can trust them for their SEO services. Invest in a good SEO strategy and see your business achieve digital milestones. Here at RxMedia, we greatly value delivering high-quality results at an affordable price specifically for addiction treatment centers and speech pathology clinics. Although based in Portland, Oregon, we also serve clients across the nation as we work in an efficient remote setup. Contact us for a free SEO consultation. You may also call us at 503-852-5113 or shoot us an email at sales@rxmedia.io. Your business wealth depends on your SEO health so let us help get your website treated!
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