13 Marketing Ideas for Medical Offices to Boost Your Ranking

Marketing Ideas for Medical Offices To Boost Your Ranking
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Businesses nowadays have realized the power of social media and the importance of their online presence. With that, a business website should aim for a spot in search engine rankings. But, how do these businesses boost their ranking? How do medical offices, specifically, do it?

In this article, we’ll explore thirteen marketing ideas for medical offices as a means to boost your ranking.

13 Marketing Ideas for Medical Offices to Boost Your Ranking

You must be wondering, “what are the best ideas for marketing medical practices?” It’s not that hard to do medical digital marketing. With that, we have gathered here thirteen creative medical marketing ideas you can try:

1) Focus on Local, Not National Ranking

In this day and age, people usually search for businesses in their locality first. Instead of focusing on national rankings first, it is advisable to first set out a goal on boosting your local business ranking or even state ranking. This is possible by implementing Google Adwords campaigns that target specific geographical locations within the United States.

Moreover, by practicing powerful SEO strategies you can rank your website higher up on search engines. These will boost traffic to your website from potential patient sources such as Alameda County. Afterward, you could complete the process of inviting these people to your practice with a simple call to action.

2) Mention the Location in the Title Tags

Make sure you include both the city and state names when creating title tags for your site. This way it’ll be easier for search engines to place you within their maps or directories.

It is always best to create links between relevant web pages like social media accounts, images, and videos on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages. Also, try linking to local businesses that might be affiliated with yours.

But, always make sure they’re still relevant to your industry! This will give you more authority in terms of natural link building and make it much easier for search engine crawlers like Google’s spider commonly known as Googlebot to index your content.

4) Use Meta Tags for SEO

Not many people are aware of this, but meta tags are one of the most important components in terms of search engine optimization. How do you create them? You can copy and paste sample meta tags from sites like Moz or HubSpot. These will be helpful to determine which keywords you should target in optimizing your website.

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5) Include Keywords With Relevant Content

Doing so allows search engines to better understand what information is being shared on your website. It also gives web crawlers an idea of the context behind your content. This will make it easier for them to return relevant search results when users type specific queries about medical offices, doctors, health care providers, or even your address and contact number.

6) Post Frequently on Popular Sites

Putting up posts on sites like HubPages, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Flickr will boost your website’s authority in the long run. These sites are already used by millions of people around the world.

It is definitely a necessity to be familiar with how it works. And once you do get started with social media marketing and blogging, it is easy to pull off! Your web pages will be indexed faster and you’ll receive more views over time.

7) Create Unique Content Regularly

Creating unique content that talks about medical offices or health care providers won’t just boost your ranking locally but also nationally as well if done correctly. However, avoid keyword stuffing and make sure your content is authoritative and has a conversational tone.

8) Add Videos to Your Website

Adding videos on your website will show the world that you’re not just another business owner looking for money. This way, people can actually see who’s running your clinic or medical office without having to physically visit it. It also gives them an idea of how experienced and knowledgeable your staff members are.

And if they do possess those qualities, that’ll be beneficial to gain more clients! At the same time, video marketing allows viewers to take a peek at what goes on inside your clinic or office which builds trust and familiarity between you and prospects.

9) Be Active in Local Organizations

This strategy is all about getting involved with local organizations like churches, schools, and hospitals. What do these have in common? The majority of their members are families. This is perfect for your medical office or clinic since parents often seek the best services to care for their children.

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10) Use a Location Extension in AdWords Campaigns

A location extension with Google allows you to add your address with keywords when doing pay-per-click advertising with them. This helps ensure that people searching for something related to where you’re located will see your ad more frequently on the SERPs also known as the search engine results page.

11) Offer Incentives & Discounts for Your Facebook Fans

Offering discounts and incentives via social media campaigns can be a great way to get new fans on Facebook! All you have to do is create a wanted ad, set a budget for your campaign, and define specific terms of how much access you’ll give them.

12) Offer Incentives & Discounts for Subscribers

If something goes viral on the internet whether it’s a post or image, then there’s no doubt that it will spread through word-of-mouth marketing. 

Create an incentive or discount for those who subscribe to your website. For example, if they share your content on Facebook or Twitter and follow you on these social media platforms, give them a bit of a discount or freebie. If not, make sure you have a contact form accessible from anywhere on your site. Through this, people can reach out if they come across interesting articles about medical offices.

13) Get Rid of Useless Content on Your Site

You definitely don’t want useless content that doesn’t add value and importance to your website. If you’re writing an article about medical offices, then make sure you’ve covered everything from what they do.

This includes their vision and mission statements, staff members, clinic or office locations, and any other useful information. What should be removed? All the fluff! For example: “We are the best in town.” Or, “Our goal is to provide our patients with excellent services.”

Summing It Up

The ideas listed above are marketing strategies that will surely help you boost your Google ranking. You can do so by having a lot of links pointing to your website which has been proven by medical digital marketing agencies.

Always remember though that it has to be relevant and compelling. What’ll make people choose your website over others? Quality! If the information on your site is not accurate, how can they believe you? Be honest about what you say and write. It’s important for people to trust your content first before buying something from you or working with you.