The Basics Of Digital Marketing Strategy

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It’s safe to assume that a significant part of your marketing strategy is digital. In today’s atmosphere, going digital is a wise move as both businesses and consumers are constantly on-the-go and spend a hefty amount of time online. An online presence allows you to reach and observe them.

But because this digital landscape is so dynamic, building a business can be challenging and overwhelming. To keep up the pace, you’ll need an efficient digital marketing strategy.

What is a digital marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy outlines what your business should do to reach market-related goals through focused and achievable means. It looks at the business’s strengths (what you’re currently doing well) and blanks (what you’re missing relating to the objectives set).

A digital marketing plan incorporates online channels, such as social media and search. Most strategies summarize the marketing tactics and channels you will use, as well as how much you will invest.

How long does it take to set up a digital strategy?

You can develop a digital marketing action plan in four steps.

  • Build buyer personas

Knowing who your target audience is a crucial step in the process as you cannot have a successful marketing strategy if you don’t know who to market to. The best way to do this is to create buyer personas, which represent the people interested in your business.

You may have several types of people interested in your products and services and buyer personas help understand each of them. Once you know who your ideal customers are, you can target them in a way that appeals to them.

  • Set marketing goals

After identifying your target market, establish your short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals next. In the same way, you cannot have a marketing strategy if you don’t know who to market to; you can’t have one without determining what you want to achieve. With set goals, you’ll know what you want to achieve through your digital marketing campaign, actual actions you’re doing.

When setting goals, establish what you want to achieve, when you want to achieve it, and how to measure these achievements. Also, your goals must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable/Attainable, Relevant, and Timely). SMART goals help establish key performance indicators and yield more successful 

  • Audit your current strategies

To improve your digital marketing process, audit it. This part is essential in understanding how your campaign works to know how to improve it.

Essentially, you look at three types of media:

  • Earned media – Any free media your business gets that you did not create.
  • Owned media – Any media your company makes, owns, and has your name attached to it.
  • Paid media – Any media you spent money on to advertise your business.
  • Establish a budget

Lastly, a crucial part of the digital marketing plan process is establishing a budget and identifying the resources you have to execute the campaign. By doing this, you lessen the risk of going beyond your means.

What is the best way to do marketing online?

There is no “best” digital strategy. It would depend on your business and goals. With that said, here are three effective digital marketing strategies you can consider for your digital campaign.


3 Strategies To Consider For Your Digital Marketing Campaign

  • Blogging with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Simply writing a blog for the sake of writing a blog isn’t good for business, especially if you don’t have an existing and loyal audience. You should create blogs to gain an audience to turn into customers and you can do this by blogging with SEO.

Write about what your target audience is actively searching for. Then, with a little bit of research, incorporate keywords into your pages and blogs. So, when people type in those keywords, your site pops up.

Plus, you can tie in your products and services with these keywords. For example, you’re a soap-making company and find out your audience wants to know “how to make soap.” Along with a blog post about making soap, throw in a mention of your soap-making kit, if you have one.

  • Content marketing

As the name suggests, content marketing uses content– such as blog posts, videos, and social media posts– to reach, engage, and connect with consumers. It’s not sales-oriented but informational and provides value to users.

This strategy’s overall goal is to give your target audience valuable information, boost traffic, and generate conversions. It’s also a way of improving search visibility by optimizing your content for search engines.

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

PPC advertising is a paid form of advertising that goes by an auction-based system. You bid on keywords you want to trigger your ads. So when a user types in a keyword, your ad shows up. Basically, you pay for results and not ad space.

You can use PPC advertising on search engines, social media, and even apps.

Why do you need a well-made digital strategy?

There are four general benefits of a solid digital strategy. 

  • Direction and focus

When you think about employing a strategy, you and your team can list clear, strategic marketing goals. Whether it’s building relationships, gaining customers, or generating leads, your goals must be clear, concise, and a part of any digital marketing activity.

Moreover, you’ll be able to sort out your weaknesses or issues. Do you have the resources to achieve your goals? How are you going to evaluate your digital marketing success? How will you move forward in the future?

  • You can measure the progress

Once a strategy is in place and goals are clearly defined, you can benchmark and review them over time. This is a great time to perform a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis. With this, you can boost up your strengths and make the necessary changes for improvement.

  • Answer the “Why?”

Whatever field your business is in, it will always have competitors. Naturally, you would want to stand out.

Digital strategies can outline value proposition, “why” should the audience choose you to do business with. With a strategy, you can connect with your target audience and show potential customers what makes you different.

  • Know your target audience

Understanding your target audience is vital for growing a business. But when it comes to digital marketing, it can be challenging for business owners to even narrow down their target audience.

There are many factors to think about when it comes to the key target audience.

  • Do you know where to find them?
  • Do you know how to appeal to them?
  • What kind of collateral appeals to them?
  • What kind of content do they prefer? Visual or written?

Luckily, digital marketing is measurable. It can hone in on the people you want to market to.

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