8 Instagram Marketing Tips and Essentials You Should Always Remember

8 Instagram Essential Tips You Should Remember
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As of October 2021, there are at least 5 billion people who are actively using the internet. Of these billions of people, at least 93% of users are using social media. Although social media platforms are highly volatile and constantly changing, they remain to be an important arena for marketers and businesses to push for products and services. 

In our blog post for today, let’s talk about Instagram as a marketing tool and some Instagram marketing tips to help you with your 2022 business strategy.

Why Use Instagram?

Why use Instagram marketing? Since its inception and launch in 2010, Instagram continues to grow cosmically over the years. Boasting 1 billion monthly active users, this social media platform has proven itself to be an effective tool in healthcare. Here are some helpful statistics about the platform:

  • 500 billion people actively use Instagram every day. 
  • The United States has an addressable Instagram ad audience size of 170 million users. 
  • Users spend around 30 minutes on Instagram alone.
  • There are around 500 million daily users of the Instagram stories feature.
  • Around 100 million new users are added to the platform every 4 to 9 months. 

Apart from these data, social media is a very personal platform, which coincides with the nature of healthcare. This is an important idea to leverage when marketing on Instagram. In the next section, let’s run down a few essentials to keep in mind in using Instagram as a tool to push your outstanding services and products to the right audience.

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8 Instagram Essential Tips You Should Remember

With the constant changes in features and algorithms on Instagram, it might be quite overwhelming to keep up with the trends. However, it is helpful to note that no matter the updates, there are a few things that we can constantly keep in mind when doing medical marketing on Instagram. Below are 8 essential tips to help you with your healthcare business on this social media platform.

  1. Keep Your Profile Updated

Before we go to your profile photo, bio, and other details, here’s one of our Instagram marketing tips:  switch your Instagram account into a business profile. This is necessary if you wish to monetize your account. Apart from that, a business profile has more features compared to a personal one like insights or analytics and call-to-action buttons. 

Next, let’s go to your profile photo. Having a good company logo is really helpful in establishing your identity on Instagram. You may also opt to not go that route, but you just have to make sure that the image you will use tells a story. The bottom line: your profile photo should be easily recognizable and attributed to you.

Then, we have the Instagram bio: you have to fill your bio with the right information, and having a good company tagline often helps. Since only a few characters are allowed in this section, you have to condense your company’s core principles in a way that will stick and be understood by your audience. Additionally, your name field in your bio is a vital asset for search engine optimization (SEO) to help possible customers find you.

  1. Build Your Own Look/Aesthetic

Instagram is a visual platform, so it makes sense that your brand should have a consistent look or feel to its posts. Having good photos, videos, and graphics in your posts is helpful but above all else, they should be able to tell a story. Often, it does not matter how amazing your infographic post or how artsy the photograph is. What matters is how compelling your posts are. They should be relevant and relatable to your potential followers. Additionally, they should all be consistent with the core values of your healthcare brand. 

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  1. Create Meaningful Content
  1. Take Advantage of Interactive Features

BONUS TIP: Use your Story highlights feature at the top of your profile to showcase your products and services, answer FAQs, or anything that should be at the forefront of anyone visiting your profile.

  1. Be Consistent

Algorithms change more often than not, but one sure thing that will keep you in the feed of your followers is to be consistent with posts. Creating a social media posting calendar will greatly help with this and it enables you to streamline your scheduling. Having the same posting schedule can also send a signal to your followers when you’re most likely active to engage with them. Here are some of the best posting time based on business type or industry:

  • Pharma and healthcare: Wednesday and Sunday, 9 AM
  • Personal care: Thursday and Friday, 1, 2, or 3 PM
  • Travel and tourism: Friday, 9 AM to 1 PM
  • Media and entertainment: Tuesday and Thursday, 12 to 3 PM
  • Food and beverage: Friday, 12 PM
  • Retail: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 12 PM
  • Professional services: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9 or 10 AM
  • Non-profit: Tuesday, 10 AM or 4 PM
  • Non-retail e-commerce: Thursday, 4 or 9 PM
  • Technology: Monday and Tuesday, 2 PM
  • Education: Thursday, 4 or 5 PM

These are based on general data gathered, but your posting times should also be influenced by your audience’s behavior. This can be seen in your insights or analytics, which we’ll talk about in the next section. 

  1. Don’t Snub Your Analytics

Having a business profile means you have better tools at hand. One of them is your account insights. The data you’ll be able to find in this section of your account will be useful in getting to know who your audience is, what posts they love engaging with, or which of your services are getting the most clicks. Your insights can inform how you’ll improve your posting schedule, content creation, and even your core values as a company. Having these various sets of information at your disposal is a great advantage in creating an effective marketing campaign for your business.

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  1. Engage With Your Community

As mentioned, it is important to create genuine and lasting relationships with your audience. Apart from compelling and relevant content and interactive call-to-action buttons, another way to engage your community is to use the Instagram Live feature. This helps build connections with your followers in real-time. Also, having your audience see the team behind your business ‘humanizes’ your brand, and brings you closer to your community. Lastly, translating your online events into on-ground engagements will also be very helpful.  

  1. Expand Your Audience

Don’t be afraid to use business tools available on the platform like ad boosting to widen your audience. These advertiser tools are there to help you grow and expand your organization. Moreover, trying other strategies like influencer marketing or just asking for genuine reviews will definitely help in reaching the right set of eyes. People connecting to other people through your products or services is a powerful marketing tool.  

A Thoughtful Approach To Digital Marketing

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The constantly shifting algorithms and trends can be a little daunting, especially if you are just starting to create your business’s Instagram presence. Aside from these Instagram marketing tips that we have shared, finding a reputable healthcare marketing agency is valuable. If you are looking for more healthcare marketing ideas specially designed for social media, talk to us at RxMedia today by calling 503-974-3081. Partner with us in building and creating the best social media marketing strategy to turn your healthcare products and services into an exciting and highly engaging platform. You can also send us an email at sales@rxmedia.io

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