5 Google Updates In 2022 That You Should Know About

google updates 2022

Throughout the years, Google has been updating its algorithm to provide more valuable and accurate search results. Recently, it rolled out a new set of Google updates for 2022. Before we dive deep into it, let us first look at the beginnings of search engines and algorithms.

Search engines are programs that perform web searches. It crawls and indexes all information on the internet to retrieve particular data that a user looks for. It also ranks results based on their relevance to the query.

With the rise of search engines, people have changed how they find information, shop for products or services, and communicate with others. It has come a long way in terms of technological development from its birth in the 1990s.

In the past, search engines were difficult to navigate. A user must type in the exact words to obtain the necessary information. Indexing websites also takes a lot of time.

Fast forward to today, they can easily catalog data on the web using bots called spiders or crawlers. They also serve as the main battleground for all kinds of businesses.

By ranking high on search engine results, companies can get more leads they could potentially nurture into customers.

The most popular search engines now include Google, Yahoo, and Bing. They continuously refine their searches using algorithms.

google latest algorithm updates
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What Are Algorithms?

They are a complex system that takes data from its search index and gives the user the closest possible result to their question.

How Do Search Engines Know What Website Or Content To Put On Top Of The Search Page?

Search engines use ranking factors like keyword mentions, page speed, content quality, usability, and backlinks. Google algorithm keeps changing, and this year, it has made a handful of updates again.

How Many Google Algorithm Updates Are There Per Year?

Experts say that Google updates its algorithm about 500 to 600 times annually or at least twice daily. Although not all of these changes affect the SEO landscape, some prompt businesses to improve how they handle optimization.

5 Google Latest Algorithm Updates You Should Know About

Local businesses find it challenging to keep up with Google’s ever-changing algorithm. Ensuring that you meet these requirements is vital in maintaining your online reputation. 

Google’s core updates can affect your website traffic. Some can penalize particular pages that violate their guidelines, while others reward well-performing pages.

When you see update roll-outs like this one, you may notice a sudden plunge in traffic, but Google says that you don’t have to do anything extreme to fix your site. You only need to focus on basic SEO strategies like delivering quality content, providing a great user experience, and building healthy backlinks.

Here are some of the algorithm updates and several tips on how to increase online visibility.

1. New Map Interface and Layout Change

The modifications on the Google Maps interface may affect how your business is listed. When using Google Maps, you can see the local search results on the left while the map is on the right. Before this layout change, the map was on the top of the screen with local search results below it.

It is advisable to check your listing location’s accuracy from time to time. This prevents customer confusion and ensures that they are led exactly to your store address. It also helps Google determine whether or not it can trust a local business search result.

2. Update Your Listing Easily

Previously, local businesses are only allowed to update their listing information through Google Business Profile. But with the recent changes to Google’s interface, business owners can now edit their listing directly through the search. 

By signing into GBP and pulling up the inline dashboard, you can do the following:

  • check any performance indicators
  • find out who visited the listing
  • edit business hours
  • create posts
  • add photos

3. Expertise, Authority, and Trust

In the recent core algorithm updates, Google encourages business owners to focus on EAT or Expertise, Authority, and Trust. This means you must demonstrate EXPERTISE in your field, develop AUTHORITATIVE content that focuses on your niche, and make readers find you TRUSTWORTHY.

One way to do it is by publishing comprehensive articles that cover and satisfy the searcher’s intent.

When you publish high-quality content, you can reap benefits that include higher search rankings, boosted behavioral metrics, and increased social shares.

4. New GBP Attributes

When you leverage Google Business Profile attributes, customers can know more about your business. It allows you to add factual and subjective information about your company.

For instance, you can add the mode of payment you accept, the health and safety protocols you have in place, accessibility information, and other attributes relevant to your business. The more precise it is, the more likely you will rank for a focused search.

Some examples of the attributes you can put include:

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Masks required
  • Temperature check required
  • Cash only
  • Accepts credit card
  • Identifies as black-owned
  • Identifies as veteran-led
  • LGBTQ+ friendly

You must check for new attributes to ensure that everything on your profile is up to date. Trying out the most recent characteristics can significantly boost your Google ranking.

5. Search-intent Matching

Years ago, websites would publish generic content about a particular topic and get high search engine rankings. Despite writing broad details, they would match many search queries and be on top of the results page.

However, after the roll-out of Google algorithm updates in 2022, this method isn’t effective anymore. Businesses that practice this may experience drops in ranking for failing to address a specific search query.

To prevent this, you must emphasize contextual relevance in your content, avoid keyword stuffing, and play down exact keyword matching.

Ask yourself if your website provides valuable content and answers the usual queries that users would type in. If the answer is yes, you’re great at search-intent matching and would likely rank well.

The Impact of Google’s Latest Algorithm Updates

google algorithm updates
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Google’s systems constantly change how they evaluate content quality and relevancy, resulting in a shift in search engine rankings. This causes some businesses to panic, but it is essential to approach them optimistically.

No matter how negative the change in rankings is for you, Google algorithm updates can still present new opportunities. It encourages you to make improvements that could bring long-term growth to your business.

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