Case Study

The Whole Child Collective

How we used Google My Business to drive over 35 admissions to this addiction
treatment center in October 2020


PPC Conversion


high-quality lead calls

in GBP and on the website


keyword ranking

increase in just 2 months

The Whole Child Collective is a niche specific website that provides pediatric psychological evaluations, counseling, coaching, and tutoring services to children and teens. Whole Child Collective was established to bring individualized, comprehensive, and evidence-based services to children and teens while helping educate the local community. By partnering with physicians, educators, and specialists in the community, we provide gold standard care while increasing accessibility for local services specifically in Lake Oswego, Portland, Oregon.

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Pain points

Whole Child Collective is a new business. Its only digital marketing strategy was a single Google Business Profile of the primary psychologist of the company. Whole Child Collective had no website, no social media presence, and no means of promoting their services online. They were heavily reliant on ‘word of mouth’ promotions from previous clients they’ve had.

Overall, they needed to establish their presence online through careful planning and creating an extensive marketing plan to be able to build their presence and authority online.

RxMedia fix

The company faced the dilemma of finding the right avenue to start. They have big plans for the company but lacked the resources, skill, and manpower to bring their business to a wider platform. Through the vast array of services offered by RxMedia, we started to map out an all-inclusive plan to build the Whole Child Collective’s brand online.

SEO Friendly Code

With a new website, they needed an efficient marketing strategy to launch their website on Google’s radar. We performed full on-page search engine optimization on the website starting from in-depth competitive analysis to keyword research.

On the backend, the website has a well-constructed code that our browsers and search engines can easily interpret. Designed with a user-friendly interface, the website is easy to navigate and for users to enjoy their journey on the website.

Site Design and Development Treatment

The initial step in bringing WCC online is through a professional-looking website. From conceptualization, site design, and development, RxMedia took control of the entire process. The Whole child Collective was built from the ground up.

Site Health (WCC)
Elementor (WCC)
Page Speed (WCC)

Results & Recovery


Page Speed: To improve user experience, the page speed was reduced to reduce load time. This included minifying CSS, Javascript, and HTML, leveraging browser caching, and enabling automated compressions.


Site Health: To improve Google search ranking, RxMedia performed a site audit for the entire site such as technical SEO, on-page SEO, making sure the website is mobile-friendly, create and optimizing XML sitemap.


Elementor as Page Builder: RxMedia uses Elementor which can help improve the technical and on-page SEO part. Thanks to integrations with popular SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO and Rank Math, RxMedia optimizes the website’s SEO without even having to leave the Elementor editor. This includes creating compelling and keyword-rich meta descriptions, optimizing schema, and helping Google understand the site’s content via breadcrumbs. It also helps a lot in mobile optimization.


We have driven over 1,400 visits to the site in less than 3 months.

Whole Child Collective is locally ranking 1st for 10 non-branded keywords in Portland, Oregan. Such keywords include:

  • Child counseling
  • Child psychology
  • Child therapist
  • Child behaviorist
  • Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics

The site started from no keywords ranked to 121 keywords (brand name not included) across the site

In 2 months, we have driven 247 calls to the business through both GBP and Website Calls where 55 are highly qualified and verified leads.

Our PPC efforts drove 34 conversions out of 753 clicks on our ads. The average cost per click remained at a very low cost of $1.59 cost per click.