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Summer House Detox Center

How we redesigned their website and took their SEO health score from 1 to 100 while adding a 90% increase in phone calls


increase in
website clicks


increase in
driving directions clicks


increase in
phone calls

Summer House Detox Center has been in the detox services industry for 27 years. What makes Summer House different is that they afford their patients the luxury to avoid the discomfort of a hospital setting with their out-of-the-box activities such as Tai Chi Classes, Acupuncture, yoga and a lot more. They even boast their 2:1 staff to patient ratio, the highest in the industry and includes staff that specializes in recovery, adding an extra layer of empathy to their patients.

summerhouse pain points

Pain points

However, their proven experience in the detox industry did not translate to their online strategy, they had an old and outdated website which had an SEO score of 1%. Their website design also has a poor user interface and conversion with 10,045 broken internal links. Adding that their website is unresponsive in mobile phones, it’s no surprise that they used to have an 82% bounce rate, meaning that their online visitors tend to leave immediately upon entering their website.

RxMedia fix

Through full page auditing of their website, we were able to understand how to maximize the potential of Summer House Detox Center with regards to their online strategy. We started with improving user experience which meant an overhaul of their website design and content. We also optimized their URL and site structures. We wanted those clicks to turn into sales and these are a hundred steps heading to the right direction.

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Summer House Det 1

Results & Recovery

Our digital doctors began work on their GMB profile, fleshing out every field with detailed information about their center, ensuring consistent citations, and optimizing for “near me” searches. We started with their GMB for the Cave Creek location and had good results. We then implemented the same strategy to the rest of their locations in the Phoenix & Tucson Metropolitan Areas. In a short period of time, we were able to outrank older more established competitors.


SEO Score

From an SEO score of 1%, we were able to optimize their website and turn their SEO score to 100%.

Phone Calls

Phone calls jumped from 139 to 267 calls in 2020 (a 92% increase in phone calls!).

Discovery Impressions

They also got a boost with their local presence as their discovery impressions or the people who found them by searching for terms related to your products and services increased from 3830 to 6621, a 73% increase.

More Admissions

Summer House Detox Center understood and accepted the fact that word-of-mouth alone will not be a sustainable business strategy for them. Competitors are increasing and improving everyday and with the age of the internet, having a poor online presence will slowly decompose businesses. Summer House recognized that they can elevate their business to a higher level and acted on it. Now, their decision to invest in SEO resulted in a significant jump in their admits resulting in thousands of dollars added to their bottom line.

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